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Custom Data


class AnyValues

Bases: AsComponents

Helper to log arbitrary values as a bundle of components.

    "any_values", rr.AnyValues(
        confidence=[1.2, 3.4, 5.6],
        description="Bla bla bla…",
def __init__(drop_untyped_nones=True, **kwargs)

Construct a new AnyValues bundle.

Each kwarg will be logged as a separate component using the provided data. - The key will be used as the name of the component - The value must be able to be converted to an array of arrow types. In general, if you can pass it to pyarrow.array you can log it as a extension component.

Note: rerun requires that a given component only take on a single type. The first type logged will be the type that is used for all future logs of that component. The API will make a best effort to do type conversion if supported by numpy and arrow. Any components that can't be converted will result in a warning (or an exception in strict mode).

None values provide a particular challenge as they have no type information until after the component has been logged with a particular type. By default, these values are dropped. This should generally be fine as logging None to clear the value before it has been logged is meaningless unless you are logging out-of-order data. In such cases, consider introducing your own typed component via rerun.ComponentBatchLike.

You can change this behavior by setting drop_untyped_nones to False, but be aware that this will result in potential warnings (or exceptions in strict mode).

If you are want to inspect how your component will be converted to the underlying arrow code, the following snippet is what is happening internally:

np_value = np.atleast_1d(np.array(value, copy=False))
pa_value = pa.array(value)


If True, any components that are None will be dropped unless they have been previously logged with a type.

TYPE: bool DEFAULT: True


The components to be logged.