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rerun::components::TextLogLevel Struct Reference

Component: The severity level of a text log message. More...

#include <rerun/components/text_log_level.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 TextLogLevel (const char *str)
 Construct TextLogLevel from a null-terminated UTF8 string.
const char * c_str () const
 TextLogLevel (rerun::datatypes::Utf8 value_)
TextLogLeveloperator= (rerun::datatypes::Utf8 value_)
 TextLogLevel (std::string value_)
TextLogLeveloperator= (std::string value_)
 operator rerun::datatypes::Utf8 () const
 Cast to the underlying Utf8 datatype.

Public Attributes

rerun::datatypes::Utf8 value

Static Public Attributes

static RERUN_SDK_EXPORT const TextLogLevel Critical
 Designates catastrophic failures.
static RERUN_SDK_EXPORT const TextLogLevel Error
 Designates very serious errors.
static RERUN_SDK_EXPORT const TextLogLevel Warning
 Designates hazardous situations.
static RERUN_SDK_EXPORT const TextLogLevel Info
 Designates useful information.
static RERUN_SDK_EXPORT const TextLogLevel Debug
 Designates lower priority information.
static RERUN_SDK_EXPORT const TextLogLevel Trace
 Designates very low priority, often extremely verbose, information.

Detailed Description

Component: The severity level of a text log message.

Recommended to be one of:

  • "ERROR"
  • "WARN"
  • "INFO"
  • "DEBUG"
  • "TRACE"

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