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Image Helpers


class ImageEncoded

Bases: AsComponents

A monochrome or color image encoded with a common format (PNG, JPEG, etc.).

The encoded image can be loaded from either a file using its path or provided directly via contents.

def __init__(*, path=None, contents=None, format=None, draw_order=None)

Create a new image with a given format.


A path to a file stored on the local filesystem. Mutually exclusive with contents.

TYPE: str | Path | None DEFAULT: None


The contents of the file. Can be a BufferedReader, BytesIO, or bytes. Mutually exclusive with path.

TYPE: bytes | IO[bytes] | None DEFAULT: None


The format of the image file or image encoding. If not provided, it will be inferred from the file extension if a path is specified. Note that encodings like NV12 and YUY2 can not be inferred from the file extension.

TYPE: ImageFormat | None DEFAULT: None


An optional floating point value that specifies the 2D drawing order. Objects with higher values are drawn on top of those with lower values.

TYPE: DrawOrderLike | None DEFAULT: None