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Python Docs

A high-level overview of writing and previewing the Rerun python documentation.

Getting started with docs


All of the dependencies for documentation generation are captured in the requirements file:

pip install -r rerun_py/requirements-doc.txt

Serving the docs locally

The docs can be previewed locally using mkdocs

This will watch the contents of the rerun_py folder and refresh documentation live as files are changed.

mkdocs serve -f rerun_py/mkdocs.yml -w rerun_py
just py-docs-serve

How versioned docs are generated and served

Our documentation is versioned with releases and generated via mike

The documentation exists as a GitHub Pages project which is hosted from the contents of the gh-pages branch.

mike updates this branch with new content as part of CI

Every commit that lands to main will generate bleeding edge documentation as HEAD. Behind the scenes, a GitHub action is just running:

mike deploy -F rerun_py/mkdocs.yml HEAD

On release, when GitHub sees a new tag: X.Y.Z, the GitHub action will instead deploy with a version tag:

mike deploy -F rerun_py/mkdocs.yml X.Y.Z latest

You can also locally preview the publicly hosted site with all versions, using mike:

mike serve -F rerun_py/mkdocs.yml
though when locally developing docs you are better off using mkdocs serve as described above since it will handle hot-reloading for you as you edit.