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rerun::components::Vector3D Struct Reference

Component: A vector in 3D space. More...

#include <rerun/components/vector3d.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Vector3D (float x, float y, float z)
 Construct Vector3D from x/y/z values.
 Vector3D (const float *xyz)
 Construct Vec3D from x/y/z float pointer.
float x () const
float y () const
float z () const
 Vector3D (rerun::datatypes::Vec3D vector_)
Vector3Doperator= (rerun::datatypes::Vec3D vector_)
 Vector3D (std::array< float, 3 > xyz_)
Vector3Doperator= (std::array< float, 3 > xyz_)
 operator rerun::datatypes::Vec3D () const
 Cast to the underlying Vec3D datatype.

Public Attributes

rerun::datatypes::Vec3D vector

Detailed Description

Component: A vector in 3D space.

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